How You Can Compete In A Cycling Competition

Cycling sports competitions are about skills, endurance, experience, and racing. If you have always wanted to test your mettle on the open road,  navigate your way along a difficult mountainous terrain, zoom around a velodrome or get dirty on the track, then sign up for a cycling competition.

Cycling for fun is quite different from cycling in a race. Races are different in terms of pacing, route, and organisation. Cyclists typically start at the beginner level and rise through the ranks as they take part in more competitions. No matter your experience level taking part in a cycling event follows the same process.

The first is that you identify the type of race or event you want to take part in. Each cycling sport has multiple categories. However, don’t limit yourself to a particular type of riding. Compete in several but identify the one you enjoy the most or the one you feel that you are more skilled in.

After you have identified the type of biking race you love, the next thing you have to do is join a local cycling support group or a cycling club. Cycling clubs give you all information you need about cycling and cycling events in your area. They also host group rides, train riders and attend events as a team.

Next is to do two important things. Get a racing license and pick a race to compete in. All well-organised races have licenses that permit you to race. Also, pick an event to race in. These two processes require the input of your cycling club to make them happen. Get information about races by viewing events calendars online.

Now it’s time to get your gear together. The basic gear for most races is a bike, a helmet, jersey, shorts, bibs, warmers, jacket, socks, gloves, headgear, body armour, shoes, sunglasses, your tool kit, spare part essentials like tubes, a pump and so on and a bag and towels for drying off and changing of clothes after the event.

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