There are blogs and websites like ours that offer news, reviews, and reports about cycling sports, competitions and events.

Cycling Tips

Founded in 2008, this Australian-based website provides the latest news,  reviews,  articles, interviews, feature articles and tips about everything cycling. It aims to inspire cyclists of all levels of experience.

Cycling Weekly Magazine

Cycling Weekly is the world’s oldest cycling magazine. It provides information about domestic and international racing and also offers in-depth training advice, reviews on the latest cycling equipment, and previews sportives across the UK and beyond.

Discerning Cyclist

This website provides blog posts on cycling clothes and accessories such as cycling bags, helmets, gadgets, bicycle lights and more.

PezCycling News

This Canada-based website publishes articles, photos, features and reviews centred around professional cycling. It has articles on cycling travel, cycling training and fitness, cycling gear reviews, rider interviews, as well as content like videos, photos, and many more.


This blog allows readers to search for reviews and compare prices on bikes and gear. There are reviews on road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bikes, comfort bikes and speciality bikes.

Road and Mountain Bike Reviews

This blog provides reviews on popular road and mountain bikes. It contains articles about the best road and mountain bikes, common questions and answers about bikes, bike accessories and more.


This blog provides articles on cycling books, cycling jackets, product reviews, tips, advice and more. It promotes cycling as a desirable lifestyle choice and provides cyclists with the best range of stylish cycling accessories.


This blog provides reviews of bikes and bike accessories. It contains tips, tricks and articles on components and backpacks.

Cycleplan » Cycle Savvy

This blog features the latest cycling news, cycling reviews, accessories, advice, safety tips, insurance, cycling routes, and more.

These blogs and websites in this article offer you information on all that you need to know about cycling sports and competitions. Contact us for more information.