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Cycling sport is any competitive physical activity that involves the use of bicycles. In many countries, bicycle racing is a source of national pride: As an Olympic sport, bicycle races are popular all over the world.

Some of the popular types of cycling sports include road bicycle racing, track cycling, cyclocross, mountain bike racing, BMX and gravel biking and more. One good thing about each of these types of cycling sports is that they also have categories that anyone can take part in.

No matter the level of your cycling experience, the best way to stay on top of your cycling sports journey is to participate in competitions and events. The UK has a rich selection of cycling events and competitions to be a part of.

These races, events and competitions include Sidley London Revolution, Fred Whitton Challenge, Etape Caledonia, Dragon Ride, RideLondon, Tour Of Cambridgeshire and many more. You can participate in competitions no matter your level of experience. There are racing events for the pros, semi-pros and amateurs.

There are different levels of passion for cycling. Some people take their passion to the level of professional cycling. Others ride just to stay healthy and so participate in cycling competitions to boost their cycling skills. However, there is a business part of cycling sports that many people take advantage of.

For instance, cycling clothing and accessories are always in demand, especially for those involved in various cycling sports. More people shop online than ever before. So starting an online store for cycling clothing and accessories is a very lucrative venture.

This blog provides information and details about cycling sports, events and competitions. There are articles about types of cycling sports, how to compete in a cycling competition, how to start an online store for cycling clothing and accessories, top cycling competitions and more.

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