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Martyn Wetherelt

Martyn "Digger" Wetherelt is Résurrection UK's trails shredder. Although Digger lives in the darkest deepest south west, you can often find him flowing through trails all around the country. Digger has a smooth style but loves going big and isn't afraid to throw down the technical tricks when things get serious at the trails.

Haydon Green

Haydon has been racing regional BMX competitions for a number of years and this is his first full season racing the complete national series. Haydon trains at the Decoy BMX facility in the South West under the guidance and tuition of his coach and father, Barrie Green. Racing against competitors that have experience at European level, Haydon has demonstrated great technical abilities and has constantly qualified for the A finals. Over the winter, Haydon hopes to build up his strength in order to help him accelerate out of the gate quicker giving him a better track position rather then having to overtake other competitors during the race.

Apachi Racing

The guys at Apachi Racing have been involved in BMX racing for many years and have also dabbled in 4x racing during that time. Johnny and Jools have raced successfully at national level and they are now passing their knowledge onto a selection of promising youngsters. With a dedicated training program and practice facilities at Braintree BMX track, 2010 promises to be a great year for team Apachi/Koxx!

Luke Newby

Luke lives very close to the MTB mecha that is Thetford forest in Suffolk and he can be found riding there almost every weekend. This has been Luke's first full season on the national circuit and his top 10 results show plenty of promise. As reigning regional cyclocross champion, Luke is looking forward to a successful winter of racing and training with a view to honing his technical skills to match his speed. As his technique improves, the competition at next years national XC series are going to have to watch out for Luke.