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Riders : Martyn Wetherelt

Martyn Wetherelt

Rider information:

- Years riding: umm 9 i think
- Weekly riding hours: 10-12
- Favourite riding spot: The-Track, Churtsey trails
- Cross-training activities: um..... work?
- Supplements/sports drinks: water
- Riding strengths: FAST, love going fast
- Most enjoyable aspect of riding: Friends
- Best trick: Old School no handed flip
- Greatest bike moment: Riding Empire of Dirt Decoy session!

Bike specification:

- Frame: Resurrection Dirt 20.9'
- Forks: Resurrection Fork
- Front hub: Macniel
- Rear hub: Odyssey Cassette
- Head set: Some internal one
- Crank: Odyssey Wombolt
- Freewheel: 12tooth
- Front brake: Nah got a foot for that
- Rear brake: Fly
- Rims: Gsport rear, Sun big city light front
- Spokes: um black ones front chrome ones rear
- Tyres: Animal Slick Rear, Fly ruben front
- Stem: Odyssey
- Grips: Odyssey
- Handlebars: Resurrection Bar
- Saddle: Resurrection Pivotal
- Seatpost: Resurrection Pivotal
- Chain: random one
- Pedals: Gusset

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