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Riders : Luke Newby

Luke Newby

Rider information:

- Years racing competitively: 9
- Race Category: Youth
- Best result: Champion - Eastern League Cyclo-Cross, Youth 2006-07 and Champion - Eastern League Cyclo-Cross, Youth 2007-08
- Weekly training hours: 8-10
- Favourite race course: Thetford
- Favourite riding area: Thetford
- Cross-training activities: Running
- Supplements/sports drinks: TORQ
- Race preparation activities: Good nights sleep and a full warm up
- Riding strengths: Technical, fast single track
- Most enjoyable aspect of riding: Single tracks, fire roads
- Greatest bike moment: Getting 5th in the national championships

Bike specification:

- Frame: Koxx Air TT (Large)
- Forks: Rock-Shox Revelation U-Turn with Pop-Loc
- Front hub: Try-All H 100
- Rear hub: Try-All
- Head set: Try-All Steel Aheadset
- Crank: Shimano XT
- Cassette: Shimano XT
- Front Derailleur: Shimano XT
- Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT
- Shifters - Shimano XT
- Front brake: Shimano XT
- Rear brake: Shimano XT
- Rims: Try-All Kryptal, Black
- Spokes: Try-All
- Tyres: Kenda Komodo
- Stem: Try-All XC, 90mm x 7
- Grips: Try-All
- Handlebars: Try-All XC riser
- Chain: Shimano XT
- Saddle: Try-All Flower
- Seat post: Try-All XC
- Pedals: Shimano XT


Thetford MTB Racing - Race and Event Organisers.

Dirt Worker - Portable Pressure Washers.

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